Beef Bulk Orders

Quarter, Half, &Whole!

Have your Beef cut and packaged to fit your needs! Place your order early as quantities are limited! 


Beef Bundles

 Medium 60lbs $570

Don't have a lot of freezer space, but love fresh farm raised beef. 

This Bundle contains approximately

A Variety of 8-12 Steaks

5-7 Roasts or misc. cuts 

22-27 packages ground beef 


Beef Bundles

Small 20lb $225

Just want to give farm raised beef a try?

This Bundle contains approximately

A Variety of 2-4 Steaks

1-3 Roasts or misc. cuts 

7-9 packages ground beef 

Estimated Finished Weights:

Quarter: 175 lbs

Half : 350 lbs

Whole: 700 lbs

Finished weights will vary

Prices are subject to change

How much freezer space will you need????

Typically 1 Cubic foot freezer space per 35 pounds of packaged meat.

This may vary based on cuts and packaging

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